organic oyster mushroom

All about Healthy Organic Oyster Mushroom

The name of the Organic Oyster mushroom is so weird because of its color and shape, which resembles a Mollusk. They are believed to grow in the wild forests of the Northwest.Now days  people have starting growing it in a mushroom kit thus it is easy for people to grow these meaty mushrooms at home. The ones available in the market are cultivated, stored and then sold so they might not be fresh. The mushrooms cultivated in a mushroom box are not only healthy but also  very delicious too as they will be garden-fresh. They are a rich source of fiber, proteins, Vitamin B, carbohydrates, minerals and anti-oxidants. While cooking, these can be added to all those dishes which will taste better with mushrooms in it. The flavor and texture of these mushrooms is just marvelous.

organic oyster mushroom kit easy to grow

The mushroom kit available in the market, contains mushroom compost and it is inoculated with the required fungus known as mushroom mycelium. By just adding water, one can grow mushrooms at home, pick the fresh ones and cook various mouthwatering dishes. Organic Oyster mushroom is easy to grow in a mushroom box and the entire process is completely eco-friendly. These are easy to cook and the taste is quite different from the normal vegetables that we usually consume. These tiny mushrooms have so many medicinal benefits and are quite useful for certain body ailments as they comprise of various nutrients. They are a traditional medicine to treat diabetes, cancer, infections and hyperlipidemia. These mushrooms are anti-fungal, anti-tumor, lipid lowering and contains hypoglycemic properties. Mushrooms also enhance the immune system of the body to a great extent.

mushroom box is easy to buy

A mushroom box can be easily procured from the market. They are readily available making it easy for people to get fresh Organic Oyster mushroom anytime. The kit takes some space and can be placed in a corner at home or even in office.  The box is accompanied by a book of instructions which guides an individual what all steps to follow. It is essential to maintain the adequate temperature so that these mushrooms can grow and all this is mentioned in the manual. People can watch them grow and once fully grown, they can be consumed. Such mushrooms taste more delicious than the ones available in the market, as they are fresh and completely organic.

100 % eco -friendly

We the manufacturers take into consideration each and every aspect while preparing it. The buyers get a complete understanding of the entire procedure from the seller. I addition, the guide which comes along with box also comes in handy too. Coffee bean abstract acts as manure for mushroom growth. The organic oyster mushrooms look, tastes and smells like oysters. When grown in the box, these mushrooms grow is clusters. The mushroom growing kit is a highly favorable entity and people are prompted to buy it because of the easy implementation and remarkable results. The entire method is environmental friendly and people can easily eat those mushrooms when they are ready.